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Our passion for excellence is personal — it’s evident in everything we do. From our world-class product lines to our professional, value-added services, we always strive to deliver exceptional quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

Why Tartan?

That’s simple. Because you want the best. Connect with Tartan Color and you’ll get the tangible benefits of:

  • Premium products from industry-leading chemical manufacturers
  • Strong representation in major markets
  • Prompt, personal service and meticulous attention to detail
  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • Expert technical advice and support


Key Markets Served

Tartan Color is a Canadian-based chemical distributor representing a full selection of premium-quality products to the following industries:


Industry Focus

Tartan introduces Lansco Colors 1242 Disazo Scarlet 242

LANSCO 1242 is a high performance, yellowish red pigment with excellent heat stability, lightfastness and migration resistance. This pigment is predominately used in the coloration of plastics, including engineering resins. Plastic accounts would use this product in demanding applications such as ones which require outdoor durability.

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We want to bring your attention to LANSCO 2338 Quinophthalone Yellow 138

LANSCO 2338 Quinophthalone Yellow 138 (Pigment Yellow 138) is a workhorse pigment for the coloration of plastics. It is the greenest shade yellow pigment with FDA approval (21 CFR 178.3297), has high heat stability, and is an excellent value for packaging applications. This product also has excellent light and weatherfastness making it a good choice for the coloration of playground equipment and other outdoor applications.

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