October 2011

Metallic Pigments and Aluminum Pastes

Tartan Color is the exclusive Canadian Distributor of Metaflake Ltd.’s Pellex series of metallic pigments and the META-BRITE aluminum pastes.

Pellex aluminum pellets can be compounded in plastic for masterbatch, injection molding, extrusion liquid concentrates and blow molding. They bring the masterbatch and compounding industries an impressive range of dust-free, pourable, and non hazardous metallic pigment products for use in plastic processing.

Meta-Brite aluminum pastes are specifically targeted for plastics applications which require heat resistant properties for molding. These pigments are color stable at temperatures up to 570F.

For futher information, please download the product feature sheet or contact us.

Tartan Offers Heat Resistant Yellow Iron Oxide

Nubifer Y-7050 is a new high performance encapsulated Yellow Iron Oxide for use in high heat-sensitive plastic and coatings applications.

The upgraded heat stability complements the other features of Yellow Iron Oxides, which are excellent light and weather fastness, high opacity and easy to disperse. Nubifer Y-7050 is an encapsulated high performance  pigment suitable to provide yellow/beige coloration in a cost-effective way. In addition it can be used in combination with organic pigments to reduce the cost of coloration in formula, without any significant impact to properties. Nubifer Y-7050 meets a variety of FDA regulations including:21CFR 178.3297; 21 CFR 177.2600; 21 CFR 177.1210.

For futher information, please download the product feature sheet or contact us.