October 2013

Tartan announces availability of new antioxidants from Chitec

Revonox 501, the latest broad spectrum high-efficiency antioxidant launched by Chitec is almost applicable to all plastics. A dosage as low as 50–100 ppm in combination with phosphite-based antioxidants is enough to render a consistent Melt Flow Index (MFI) along with significantly reduced yellowing. Its performance in oxidation induction time (OIT) is also exceptional. This proprietary product is TSCA and REACH registered, and has FDA clearance on food contact applications.

Revonox 420 is a phenol-free primary antioxidant. Among all primary antioxidants, it is the best in terms of color protection of olefin. In addition, it possesses anti-NOx functions, unlike most primary antioxidants which cannot be applied to gas-fading applications.

For technical Information on these products, please visit the Chitec web site or for further information, contact us.

Tartan announces the availability of Lansco 1372 DPP FLAME RED 272 pigment

LANSCO 1372 is a high performance, yellow shade red pigment which has exceptional lightfastness and migration resistance.

LANSCO 1372 is recommended for use in various plastic applications such as polyolefins and engineering resins. It is also used in high quality industrial finishes, OEM and refinishes as well as specialty ink applications.

For technical Information on 1372 DPP Flame Red 272, please visit Lansco's product page or for further information, contact us.