June 2014

Tartan introduces Nubiola NUBIPERF SRD — Super Reddish Ultramarine Blue

We're pleased to introduce Nubiola NUBIPERF SRD – Super Reddish Ultramarine Blue to our product line. It has a unique, bright-reddish blue undertone — much redder than any former reddish Ultramarine Blue and is suitable for a wide range of polymers and applications.

Performance Advantages

  • Narrow colorimetric tolerances provides enhanced lot-to-lot color consistency, easier manufacturing
  • Narrow particle size distribution, low sieve residue and absence of oversized particles means enhanced dispersibility and suitability for high pigment loading
  • Low free sulfur content provides very good organoleptic properties
  • Low moisture content means less water to remove in the extruder, reduced energy consumption
Suitable for a wide range of Polymers and Applications
Color Effects: -Blue coloration
-White correction/Reduction of polymers’ yellowness
-Blue undertone enhancement of blacks and greys
Polymers: -Polyolefins
-Engineering Polymers e.g. PC, PA
 Applications -Packaging – Food, Beverage, Cosmetics,
  Personal Care, Medical,
  Pharmaceutical, Industrial
-Electrical and Electronics
-Consumer Goods

For technical Information on these products, download the product feature sheet, visit the Nubiola web site or for further information or samples, please contact us.