March 2015

Tartan named Nubiola Distributor of the Year 2014

Nubiola USA is pleased to announce that Tartan Color and Chemical is their 2014 Distributor of the Year for Nubiola products sold into the NAFTA market. Tartan Color has been representing Nubiola’s line of inorganic pigments for over 10 years, and has demonstrated excellent performance as defined by the Nubiola distributor scorecard system.

Shown in the accompanying photograph are Nubiola USA President Larry Lane and Tartan Color President David Houston.

For further information, please contact us.

Tartan introduces LANSCO 2355 Opaque Yellow 155

We're pleased to introduce LANSCO 2355 Opaque Yellow 155 to our product line.

LANSCO 2355 is a green shade, opaque C.I. Pigment Yellow 155 with lightfastness and bleed properties similar to Yellow 151 but much stronger in tint. It can be used in industrial coatings where higher tint strength is needed. This pigment is also used in architectural coatings and printing inks for its good hiding power and flow properties.

These properties make LANSCO 2355 an important niche product which is valuable for color matching in cases where the typical workhorse pigments do not have the desired shade and properties.

For technical Information on this product, please visit the LANSCO web site or for further information or samples, contact us.