Tartan Color presents Dayglo Gloprill® GPF Pigments

GloPrill® GPF Pigments are the first FDA compliant colorants developed especially for use in polypropylene and high-density polyethylene food contact applications.

The GPF Pigments may be used at loadings up to 1.0 % by mass in HDPE and PP resins in contact with all food types under conditions of use E-G defined in 21 CFR 176.170(c). When used as intended, the GPF pigments comply fully with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and all applicable regulations. Designed with the plastics concentrate/masterbatch producer in mind, the GPF pigments offer brilliant, clean fluorescent color with superior processing properties. The GPF pigments offer continuous high-speed production, virtually eliminate blowpin and mold cavity plateout and enable the formulator to simplify their product by removing expensive and hard to use additives. An expanded fluorescent color palette may be achieved by combining the GPF pigments with other FDA compliant chromophores.

The available colors include

  • Corona Magenta GPF22
  • Aurora Pink, GPF31
  • Rocket Red, GPF26
  • Saturn Yellow, GPF34
  • Blaze Orange, GPF30

GloPrill® is a registered trademark of DayGlo Color Corp.

Please review the attached product feature sheet as you make your formulation decisions or for further information contact us.

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