Products Overview

The strength of our company lies in our commitment to quality. We take a disciplined approach to product selection, choosing only suppliers who share our passion for excellence. Our principal partners are world-leading companies that consistently provide superior products and quality.

Manufacturer Products
tl_files/images/Chemours_logo.png Chemours™ Ti-Pure® Titanium Dioxide Pigments
Chitec Technology Corp Chitec Technology Corp Plastic Additives, Photoinitiators, Flame Retardants, Antioxidants, & UV Stabilizers
DayGlo Color Corp DayGlo Color Corp Fluorescent Pigments, Dispersions, Bases & Special Effect Pigments
Ferro Performance Pigments & Color Ferro Performance Pigments & Color Inorganic Color Pigments, Ultramarine Blue Pigments, & Anticorrosive Pigments
Flint Group Pigments Flint Group Pigments Organic Pigments, Dispersions & Flushes
Kuncai Pearlescent Pigments
tl_files/images/neville_logo_Black_.gif Neville Chemical Company Hydrocarbon Resins
tl_files/images/Omya_logo.jpg Omya Calcium Carbonate
Struktol Plastic Additives and Rubber Additives
Tokai Carbon CB Ltd. Carbon Black Pigments